Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) Codes

The unique formula identifier, known as the UFI, is an alphanumeric code that will be required on the label of all products that are classified for health or physical hazards, such as hazardous mixtures. This new label element will be required by 2025 for all hazardous mixtures being put on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA).*

*EEA includes the 28 Member States of the European Union and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

UFI Code

Why was the UFI created?

The UFI code is designed to provide protection to the public, while protecting your confidential business information. The presence of this code on products, as well as other information you provide, will assist poison control centers in the event of an emergency. By having the code located clearly on the product, control centers will be able to precisely identify the specific product and composition mixture involved with a particular incident, enabling them to give more accurate recommendations for a more rapid response

What is a UFI Code?

A new label component that consists of a 16-character alphanumeric code required to appear on the label of all products that contain a hazardous mixture.

Unique Formula Identifier example

What are the requirements?

The Acronym “UFI” must be in capital letters and be followed by the 16-character alphanumeric code. No specific requirements have been set for variables such as font type or size. However, the UFI has to be clearly visible and legible on the label of the product, and must be positioned so that it is easy to locate (for example, near the bar code or hazard symbols). All of your products that share the same mixture composition will need to share the same UFI.


  • January 1, 2020 for mixtures intended for consumer use
  • January 1, 2021 for mixtures intended for professional use
  • January 1, 2024 for mixtures for industrial use only
  • Mixtures currently on the market must be in compliance by January 1, 2025

What do you need to create a UFI?

To create a UFI for your mixture, you’ll need your company’s specific VAT number as well as a mixture-specific formulation number. By entering these two numbers into ECHA’s UFI Generator on line tool, you can get your UFI code. The VAT number is critical to help ensure that your UFI is unique from UFIs generated by other companies

More detailed information on the UFI can be obtained from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Advanced digital coding solutions from Videojet can help you comply with the UFI requirements with high-quality codes on virtually any substrate.

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