Printing on Aluminium and Metal Cans

Aluminium and Metal Can Printing Solutions

Aluminium canning operations are among the fastest packaging lines in the world. Printing on cans at these high speeds requires specialised can printing and coding equipment. Metal cans are widely used for both beverages and shelf-stable foods, with a requirement to print date and batch codes onto the cans to comply with UK labelling regulations.

Videojet brings over 45 years of food and beverage can coding expertise to our customers. We offer robust metal can printing machines to match the demands of these applications, including high-speed continuous inkjet printers. Our comprehensive range of Videojet fast-drying, thermochromic and UV inks are used for printing of codes on the bottom, top, and sides of cans.

When products require retorting, specialised colour-changing inks serve as a visual quality control indicator that the products have successfully completed the process.

In addition, our high powered fibre laser machines offer precise permanent can marking, etching and engraving on aluminium cans. Able to print up to 100,000 cans per hour, they provide unique permanent marks while keeping pace with food and beverage packaging lines.

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