Printing on Cardboard Boxes

Directly print onto, or print and apply labels to cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes deliver versatility as a packaging solution for use in the shipping, warehouse, distribution and logistics markets. The high strength to weight ratio makes it an ideal option for these applications.

Videojet offers solutions that provide options in character height, print resolution and bar code quality including label print and apply for high bar code read rates. Coloured inks for Videojet large character ink jet printers can provide visually attractive brand information and product identification. Colours can also be used to print visual cues to identify particular sub-brands, distinguish between different grades of product, or to highlight product compliance with specific building codes or regulations.

Understanding How Our LPA Helps with Printing on Cardboard Boxes and Box Labelling

Videojet’s case coding solutions are at the forefront of innovation, offering production managers the ability to streamline their labelling processes. Our LPA systems excel in printing on cardboard boxes, ensuring every package is marked with high-quality, easily scannable labels.

The precision of our Videojet 9560 print & apply labelling machine eliminates downtime caused by manual errors. The automatic control features guarantee that every label is applied consistently, without the need for constant supervision. This allows factory managers to allocate their resources more effectively, focusing on productivity rather than troubleshooting labelling issues.

One of the most significant advantages for engineering managers is the LPA’s integration capabilities. With a single Videojet interface, the LPA can be managed alongside other Videojet equipment, creating a seamless workflow. The built-in Code Assurance reduces operator errors, ensuring that the correct label is applied every time, thereby enhancing the overall reliability of the production line.

Understanding How Our LCM Helps Print on Cardboard Boxes and Box Labelling

Videojet’s High Resolution Inkjet Case Coding Printers brings a new level of sophistication to printing on cardboard boxes. Designed to handle the demands of an industrial setting, the LCM systems offer unmatched versatility and durability. Whether you need small or large character printing, our machines provide high-resolution codes and barcodes that maintain their clarity, even at high production speeds.

Videojet 2380 Large Character Inkjet Coder is designed for operation and maintenance by any user with minimal training or experience. For engineering managers looking to improve operational efficiency, it can print up to 5.5-inch (140-mm) high print spaces, or coding on two sides of a box. Two printheads can be easily integrated, with no additional hardware needed, for a low-cost, future-proof solution.

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