Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Precision Fiber Laser Markers and Engraving Machines for Permanent Marking.

Fiber laser marking machines are solid state laser markers designed to enable manufacturers to permanently mark codes and other traceability information onto robust, high-density materials such as metals and hard plastics.

Videojet fiber laser marking systems are engineered for high speed beverage, pharmaceutical, parts marking and extrusion production lines where there is a need to mark data such as expiry and manufacture dates, lot and batch numbers, and other critical production information onto products and packaging.

Fiber marking lasers benefit from more power and speed than other laser types, such as CO2 Lasers, which provides more available mark time to achieve the best readable code on a range of packaging materials. Videojet fiber laser systems are also designed to minimise downtime, increase reliability, and run efficiently to maximise productivity.

Lightfoot™ Fiber Laser Canning solution

Lightfoot™ Fiber Laser Marking solution
  • Seamlessly transition to a turnkey fiber laser system designed specifically for beverage canning
  • Achieve speeds of up to 100k cans/hour with dual Lightfoot™ marking heads
  • Enable washdown without disruption with an IP65 rated system design

Videojet 7340 / 7440 Fiber Laser Marker

Videojet 7340/7440 Fiber Laser Marking Machine
  • 20-Watt and 30-Watt fiber lasers are the first to feature the Lightfoot™ marking head, making them easy to integrate, operate and service.
  • The Lightfoot marking head is one of a kind, smallest in the industry both in size and weight, and IP69 rated for use in washdown and harsh environments.
  • Designed to deliver high-quality, permanent codes for a wide range of marking applications, are an ideal solution for parts-marking, food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers who have space limitations, are looking for simple integrations, or do frequent rapid changeovers.

Videojet 7230 / 7330 Fiber Laser Marker

Videojet 7230/7330 Fiber Laser Machines
  • 10-Watt & 20-Watt Industrial Fiber Laser for marking permanent quality codes on robust, high-density materials
  • Light, compact and adaptable laser marking solutions offering high-speed marking, with complex data, easy operability and industry-leading integration capabilities
  • Designed for demanding production schedules in the direct Parts-Marking, Food, Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Pharmaceutical industries

Videojet 7610 Fiber Laser Marker

Videojet 7610 Fibre Laser Marking
  • 100-Watt fiber laser marking high contrast at high speed
  • Quality marking on robust plastic and metal materials
  • Maximum single line speed: 600m/min (1968 ft/min)

Videojet 7510 Fiber Laser Marker

Videojet 7510 Fiber Laser Marking Machine
  • 50-Watt fiber laser marking high contrast at high speed
  • Quality marking on robust plastic and metal materials
  • Maximum single line speed: 440m/min (1440 ft/min)

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