Marking with laser technology

No fluids necessary

Laser marking differs from other methods of marking. Using laser tubes, no fluids are required to create images. Laser printers are available for matrix or vector printing.

Marking with heat

Using an RF signal, carbon dioxide (CO2) is stimulated electronically inside the laser tube, generating a laser beam. When the laser beam is focused onto a suitable material, the beam is absorbed and heat develops. Various mechanisms convert the heat generated into a mark on the product:

  • Colour change as a result of a chemical reaction
  • Engraving of the surface, e.g. burning into PET
  • Ablation or removal of the surface coating

Matrix and vector printing

Certain characters or graphics are produced by switching the laser beam on and off in a controlled manner as it moves across the printing area. Whereas with dot-matrix printing the number of printable characters and their legibility are limited by the resolution of the matrix, with vector printing, a considerably greater character selection is available. Matrix printers are increasingly being replaced in the market by vector lasers, which is why Videojet only offers vector lasers.

  • Low-cost marking
  • High speed marking
  • Suitable for a wide variety of materials
  • Very small codes
  • Reliable even in tough industrial environments

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