Personal hygiene products
and UDI compliance

Although specified as medical device identification, the UDI system applies to other products such as male contraception and female hygiene products which may be more commonly categorised within the personal care industry. Any device that is used on or in the body and is considered liable to any level of health risk will be required to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation. This means on each medical device, label and package subject to the regulation, a UDI code must be provided in a human-readable (plain-text) form. It also must appear in a machine-readable form that uses automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology.


Optimising visual impact of decorated hygiene products

As personal hygiene companies become progressively more focused on optimising the overall look of their products to impress customers, they increasingly look to product decorating solutions such as flexographic and digital printing.

Videojet has digital printing solutions and the unrivalled ink expertise you need to get the ideal decoration for your applications.

Technology solutions for UDI compliance

Selecting the optimum coding technology will depend on the substrate being printed on, and considerations will need to be given to porous versus non-porous materials.

For marking high-contrast 2D DataMatrix codes onto cartons or foils/flexible films, the Videojet thermal inkjet range can offer UDI compliance together with a number of operational benefits.