Covert coding solutions

Hidden coding adds additional security and protects sensitive information. Covert coding is concealed from consumers but visible to distribution channel partners with specialized readers.  

Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) inks

An unobtrusive solution for coding and tracking products though the supply chain, invisible fluorescing inks create discrete fluorescing codes and brand information that are only visible under UV or other high frequency lighting.

UV and IR ink codes can be printed with Continuous Inkjet and Thermal Inkjet technology and are easy for channel partners to read with available vision technologies.

Covert coding is also an ideal solution for packages with limited package ‘real-estate’ or prominent branding.

DataMatrix coding

DataMatrix codes are two-dimensional bar codes consisting of black and white cells arranged in a square which can be encoded with text or numeric data.

DataMatrix codes are a powerful brand protection tool because they can store important supply chain and production information. When added to the package before production, additional data about each product can be tracked at each stage of production and distribution

Continuous inkjet and thermal inkjet technologies are ideal solutions for printing DataMatrix codes with either UV/IR, colored or standard black ink.

“ UV and IR codes can easily be combined with unique numbering schemes to add an additional layer of brand protection.”

Dr Mike K.

Videojet Lead Chemist
Personal care, wire and cable high contrast,
security, UV cure

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