iCAM: Inspection Camera

Always the perfect control camera

The variety of materials used in packaging processes and their unique surface properties lead to high demands on camera systems for quality inspection. With iCAM from Laetus, you are perfectly equipped for any individual application. Depending on your requirements, the versatile camera system comes with integrated light or as a modular system.

Flexible packaging control
iCAM camera systems from Laetus are optimally designed for a wide range of inspection tasks like code reading and print control of plain text as well as inspection of UV ink.

Ever-reliable inspection
The systems identify defective products even at fast flow rates, and recognize different types of printed material both with matt and glossy surface finishes.

Highly adaptable
iCAM offers multiple housing and illumination options. Also, it is available in different resolutions as well as monochrome and color mode.

Long-life LED
All iCAM camera systems are equipped with durable, maintenance-free LED flash technology.


The right lighting for every application

The compact design combines camera, LED lighting and fixed-focus lens. The latest LED technology ensures maintenance-free operation, and the lighting operates in flash mode to protect light-sensitive products.