What is a Labelling System?

Labelling systems are available in various designs and configurations. Semi-automatic labelling machines are set up for manual supply of the labels to be applied to the products. Fully automatic labelling machines are integrated into the production process, as part of the production line. They are connected to other systems and automatically receive the products to be labelled.

Manual labelling machines apply a new label on command. Labelling machines are a sub-category of labelling systems and mark products, pallets or packages with unique identifiers or information.

Label Applicators, Print & Apply Labellers and In Line Labelling Machines

There are two main types of automatic industrial labelling systems; label applicators and print and apply labelling machines.

Label applicators simply apply pre-printed labels onto products as they pass along the production line. Automated Print & Apply Labelling machines both print the desired information (i.e. batch code, serial number, date, etc) and directly apply the labels to the secondary packaging; such as boxes, cases or shrink wrapped packages. Both of these types are examples of in line labelling systems.

Front/Side of Pack versus Corner Wrap Labelling

Most labelling machines provide options for either front of pack, side of pack or corner wrap label application. In front and side applications, the label is applied to the appropriate panel on a moving product or pack. Whilst in the latter, the label is applied across two dimensions of the product/pack to allow the label to be visible from two directions.

In either case, labels are typically applied with a pneumatically controlled arm, which either uses controlled air jets to blow the label onto the pack or tamps it on.

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